Page 310: The Bang
March 23, 2020
Well, dang. At least we know what happened now then. And why she did it. Was she justified in any way? Could you possibly defend this?

Comic Status UPDATE: -Okay, so. The world is going crazy, and we're all living in a new reality now, right? And this affects the status of this comic as well. Here in Norway, we are on a sort of lockdown at the moment, where for the most part, only people working in fields deemed essential to the continuity of society go to work any more. And I happen to do that. It's not as grand as it sounds. I merely work in food distribution at a warehouse. This, though, means that my work hours might fluctuate a bit, in the case of hoarding and such.

The short of it, for a time going forward, I may have less time to work on the comic. But it remains my intention to continue as normal. Just know that there might be delays.

To complicate matters, I'm also still technically attached to the military. Usually it means I'm a civilian for 51 weeks of the year, and away for a week to train, but now, given the situation, I might get called in for alot longer, given the situation. So if I disappear for a while without word, don't worry, I'm probably just back in green for a period of time.

tl;dr: The plan is to continue regular updates, but I can't guarantee it, given the state of the world at the moment. Don't worry if I disappear for a while. I shall be back.

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