Translation and misc
March 15, 2017

The three distinguished gentlemen around the table on this page should in no legal way be confused for Charlie Wise, creator of Groovy, Kinda, Andy Purviance, creator of I, Mummy, and my brother, creator of many beatings throughout my childhood. You have no evidence that I in any way stole their likenesses for this page.

From this moment forward, the rest of the chapter though, belongs to Rai, and his fight to reach midnight.

Lastly, for those interested, the following is the english translation of the german text on this page:

PANEL1 -Have you read the latest by Ishikawa?

PANEL2 -It really captures the fear of the unreliability of memory in a post-industrial world.

-I've heard good things, dear friend.

PANEL3 -But unfortunately, I don't read anything written after 1830. I find it all both harsh and vulgar.

PANEL4 -You should come by my bookstore some time. Our 1830's section was just refurbished.

PANEL5 -My friends, a toast to high culture!



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