Page 340: Edgar David Hoxley
September 21, 2021
UPDATE 26th october: Another little break, due this time to the fact that I've been gone from home with National Guard duty. Sorry about that. I am back, and the comic will resume on monday 1st Nov.

We're back. At looooong last, we are back. What was supposed to be a one month break turned into... yikes... more than three.

I apologize for that. But I promise that I've not wasted the time, and I think I can say with some certainty that the art going forward will show marked signs of improvement.

To give a little recap for those who might have forgotten where we stand these last few months:

Catherine has returned to her hometown of Minneapolis to face her brother (alluded to earlier, but finally introduced on this page) who she hasn't seen for almost 12 years, when she was responsible for the death of his son. Heavy stuff, that's about to get heavier.

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