Chapter 3: The Writing on the Wall
April 21, 2018
Well, folks. Here we are. The final stretch. We've gone through all the hope, heartbreak and terror of the first two chapters, and now we're on the final lap. By the time the very end rolls along, Cat and Rai's story will have been told, for better or for worse.

Don't worry about Oct20 disappearing any time soon though. It will probably still take years to finish, and I'm kind of scared it might be even longer than chapter 2.

The first page of chapter 3 will be up around monday. In the mean time, here's the last of the three gorgeous covers we commisioned. Eagle eyed readers will notice that it's not done by Arthur Wang who did the first two. Instead, this one was done by Kennedy C. Garza, whose other stuff you really should check out. It's extraordinary.

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