Page 287: Chasm
January 20, 2019
The present and future of October 20

Well, where to start? As most returning readers will know, there has been a bit of an unplanned break in updates. And you'll also know this isn't the first time. This time, it started due to me travelling for the holidays, but continued due to a severe creative block. One of the worst I've ever experienced. I simply couldn't draw a line, or write a word without wanting to throw my computer across the room. Add to this the fact that I'm terrible at communicating this to you, the readers, and we are not sitting in a good situation.

I've struggled quite a bit, not with motivation per se, because I am still 100% commited to this comic. But more with making comic creation the priority. That important life stuff gets in the way, that is unavoidable. That I let trivial stuff get in the way, that is on me. I've made a commitment to telling this story, and I've let that commitment slip lately. I apologize for this. And I will try to do alot better.

So where does that leave us? It leaves me at least, sick to death of delays, something I'm hoping to rectify in 2019. I can't promise we can avoid all delays in the future, but I can promise I am actively working to avoid them. October 20 will be finished, even if it kills me. (Side note: comic, please don't kill me.)

tl;dr: The update situation is unacceptable, and I am doing everything I can to improve it.

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